AIR Pilot entry open 7th April – SOLD OUT

30 March 2014

The 2014 AIR competition pilot entry will be opening on the 7th April 2014. Keep an eye out on our FACEBOOK PAGE and this website for info.
If you haven’t heard the AIR competition this year has a new home. We have moved to the ‘White Horse’ Country Park near Westbury, UK. The competition will be held on the 19th and 20th of July.… Theres more!

Special Award winners

18 June 2013

Low Rider Award..Very kindly donated by Fast Lad Performance
This was given to Alex Hawtin who gave the Lowest Exciting flight of the competition. This earned him a Fully built Goblin 500 with transmitter.

BIG AIR Award..Very kindly donated by Midland Helicopters and Thunder Tiger
For the second year in a row Joe Bailey gave us the Biggest air flight of the weekend. This earned him Raptor E720 Kontronik combo kit.… Theres more!

AIR 2013 Final Results

18 June 2013

Here are the official results of the pilot standings at AIR 2013
PRO Class

Advanced Class

Sport Class

 … Theres more!

AIR 2013 Pilot Class Listings

13 June 2013

Here are the 2013 Pilot classings for the AIR competition… Theres more!

Mike Eddington 2013 AIR Pilot

10 June 2013

Name Mike Eddington
Age 32
Area of Country Right hand side
Sponsors Midland Helicopters, Opti-Power, Savox, Scorpion
Model being flown at AIR Pot luck really, who will lend me one
Goal in AIR  To Have Fun
Mattie and Richie says: Edders… the legend that is our joint commentator!! Rumour has it that Mike is a very musical type of guy that spends hours and hours working out what tracks to fly too.… Theres more!

Stefan Simmons 2013 AIR Pilot

10 June 2013

Name Stefan Simmons
Age 18
Area of Country Birrrrrminghammmmmmm!!
Sponsors Spinblades. Mks. Optifuel. Optipower. Fastlad. Scorpion

Model being flown at AIR Rave env nitro and electric
Goal in AIR To beat Duncan
Mattie and Richie says: If you have seen this guy fly you will know that it is pure excitement !!!! Stef has really come to the forefront of the UK’s best in the last couple of years. Competing in pretty much all the top world events he has the potential to really shake up the UK’s elite pilots !!!!… Theres more!

Alex Rumble 2013 AIR Pilot

10 June 2013

Name Alex Rumble
Age 12
Area of Country Centre, turn right and up a bit
Sponsors Optifuel, buzzflyer, Mum and Dad
Model being flown at AIR Gaui X7
Goal in AIR Top3
Mattie and Richie says: Lets get ready, lets get ready, lets get ready to Rumble !!! That might have to go from the music routine
Alex Rumble a great young talented pilot entering AIR for the second year running.… Theres more!

Rob Turnbull 2013 AIR Pilot

9 June 2013

Name Rob Turnbull
Age 40
Area of Country Midlands
Sponsors Midland Helicopters, Team Thunder Tiger, CSM, Optifuel, Mavrikk Blades, Scorpion Motors, Thunder Power, Savox Servos
Model being flown at AIR Raptor G4 E720
Goal in AIR  Not to hit the “Pete” tree
Mattie and Richie says: Rob is a super well known character on the scene, great pilot, sponsored by many and just a decent chap…..Right enough of that !!!!!
View the photo below and you will see that any local Kebab house concerned about running out of meat over the weekend, WORRY NO MORE, WE HAVE THE SOLUTION !!… Theres more!

Stuart Mott 2013 AIR Pilot

9 June 2013

Name Stuart Mott
Age 21
Area of Country Midlands
Sponsors ALIGN, Robbe Schluter UK, JR, MacGregor Industries, Midland Helicopters
Model being flown at AIR ALIGN T-Rex 700E DFC HV
Goal in AIR  Main aim is to enjoy the flying, if your not having fun then really what is the point?
Mattie and Richie says: Currently Stu Mott is our No.1 UK pilot winning 3D Championships in 2012. Last year the fight between the top 3 was the best we have seen here in a long while.… Theres more!

Adam Melton 2013 AIR Pilot

8 June 2013

Name Adam Melton
Age 17
Area of Country ‘The Shire’
Sponsors Climb-Out distribution
Model being flown at AIR Alees Rush 750
Goal in AIR To gain experience in competition and also get more recognition in the sport for my flying skills.
Mattie and Richie says: Adam Melton has come of age and at 17 years old is now driving cars. Not wanting to say too much about his car, but it’s quite small with a wheelie wheelie big exhaust !!! … Theres more!

Adam Turner 2013 AIR Pilot

8 June 2013

Name Adam Turner
Age 27
Area of Country Little bit North of the The Capital !!!
Sponsors Thunder tiger, OptiPower, Horizon Hobby, NHP, Spektrum, Midland Helicopters, Scorpion, Byron fuels, and MKS
Model being flown at AIR Raptor G4 E720
Goal in AIR  I want to win this time
Mattie and Richie says: Another big hitter joins AIR for the second year running. Adam is a very well know pilot on the world scene and promises to deliver an excellent display of 3D heli flying for the spectating crowd.… Theres more!

Andy Kirby 2013 AIR Pilot

8 June 2013

Name Andy Kirby
Age 41
Area of Country Midlands
Sponsors RC Heliguru,Spartan rc
Model being flown at AIR Trex 700n or E dfc
Goal in AIR  It would be nice to fly to my full potential in front of the crowd. So far i have found it impossible in all my other comps to produce my best.
Mattie and Richie Say: “Well first of all we want a nice smiling happy picture, this one still scares Richie!”
Andy Kirby has taken time out from his busy male modelling schedule to join us at AIR.… Theres more!

Duncan Osbourne 2013 AIR Pilot

7 June 2013

Name Duncan Osbourne
Age 25
Area of Country Smack bang in the Middle
Sponsors Align, CSM, OS, SAB
Model being flown at AIR Align T-Rex 700E DFC
Goal in AIR  For a music flight to work exactly as I intend it to.
Mattie & Richie say: World renowned pilot Duncan Osborne enters AIR for the second year running. With a list as long as our arms of titles, Duncan is very well known on the circuit for his excellant style and superb pirouetting moves………Makes ya sick hey !!!… Theres more!

Richard Anderson AIR 2013 Pilot

7 June 2013

Name Richard Anderson
Age 28
Area of Country North
Sponsors Nowt
Model being flown at AIR Align Trex 700N
Goal in AIR  My main goal is to take part and enjoy it! And not to crash!
Mattie and Richie says: Richard is no stranger to compeittion flying, placing 5th at AIR last year the simple goal for him this year is to do better. His profile form tells us that the Curtis Rave Nitro will be used in his flights.… Theres more!

www.align-trex.co.uk – Official AIR Video Sponsors

6 June 2013

Raj and his team at ALIGN-TREX.co.uk have come on board as official sponsors of the AIR Video.
We want to thank them for their support to the AIR Competition and make sure you go and find him at the event to have a chat. They stock all things heli and are known for great service to their customers.
The Official AIR Video will be Produced by Dan Taylor of LFX Productions and  this years promises to be even bigger, longer and better than 2012  and he promises, that whatever you have seen from him before, expect MORE!… Theres more!

Ali Humphrey 2013 AIR Pilot

6 June 2013

Name Ali Humphrey
Age 30
Area of Country Devon
Sponsors LYNX heli innovations team pilot and part of the SpinBlades UK Rep Flight Team.
Model being flown at AIR Align T-Rex 700 Nitro
Goal in AIR To fly around to some music (well fly around while music is on in the background) and to have some fun.
Mattie and Richie says: What can we say about Ali….Well a relatively  ‘Newby’ into the hobby.… Theres more!

Grant Copper 2013 AIR Pilot

6 June 2013

Name Grant Cooper
Age 25
Area of Country Brummy Land
Sponsors Align/Robbe Schluter, Kontronik Drives, OptiPower, MKS Servo Tech UK, CSM
Model being flown at AIR Align T-rex 700E DFC
Goal in AIR  To put on a fun show and come within to top half of the pro class.
Richie & Mattie: Grant is head honcho of Helifest and a top guy to work with.
Constantly impressed with the various engineering projects he produces for the Gadget show we are still wondering why the AIR/HELIFEST flightline last year resembled a banana!… Theres more!

Pete Ayriss 2013 AIR Pilot

6 June 2013

Name Peter Ayriss
Age 9
Area of Country Midlands then turn right a bit
Sponsors Thunder Tiger, Midland Helicopters, Opti Power/Fuel, NHP Rotorblades, Savox Servos, UBF, CSM, DooZee Aerial film and Photography (Shameless Plug)
Model being flown at AIR Raptor G4 E720
Goal in AIR  My aim this year is not to hit that damn tree!! and to have a laugh with a great bunch of guys.
Mattie and Richie says: Minty minty minty…….mind the tree…….… Theres more!


5 June 2013

One more reason to be an AIR pilot! Do we need to say anymore, fly as low as you can to be in to win this one. Massive thanks to Fast Lad Performance for this brilliant prize worth over £1500. This kit will be fully built by our very own Mattie Lodge so you can fly it straight after you have won it.
Just look at what the winner will get:
1 x Spektrum DX7S Combo With AR8000 Rx
1 x Sab Goblin 500 Helicopter RED/WHITE Kit
1 x Opti Power Lipo Cell Battery 4300mAh 6S 30C
1 x Spartan Vortex VX1 flybarless Controller SRC-VX1
2 x Spektrum DSMX 2.4Ghz Remote Receiver
1 x Quantum Outrunner Brushless Heli Motor
1 x H0215-19-S Aluminum Motor Pulley Z19
3 x MKS Mini Size Cyclic Servo DS9660A
1 x MKS Brushless High Speed Tail Servo BLS980
1 x EC5 Connectors Set 2 Pairs O-FS-EC5-02
1 x Talon Castle Talon 90 ESC with HD Bec… Theres more!

Ashley moon 2013 AIR Pilot

5 June 2013

Name Ashley Moon
Age 14
Area of Country Oh ah…Somerset
Sponsors align-trex.co.uk
Model being flown at AIR Trex 550
Goal in AIR Would love a top 3 finish, but really looking forward to flying to music
Mattie and Richie says: This is Ashley’s first year at competing and of course first at AIR.
Flying exceptionally well at South West grass roots, we have been keeping an eye on his progress and are pleased to say it looks really great.… Theres more!